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About us

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The main objective of Sydslesvigs danske Ungdomsforeninger (the Danish youth organizations of Southern Schleswig) which is abbreviated SdU is to promote the Danish child and youth work in Southern Schleswig.

Through sports, cultural and pedagogical services, we create meaningful experiences for our members – resulting in a wide range of events. The events take place in the local associations, the regional organizations or in collaboration with other organizations.

SdU is an organization in constant development. Our close contacts to Denmark, our local society and the rest of Europe give us the opportunity to constantly stay on the beat.

Facts about SdU

SdU is the umbrella organization of the Danish sports and youth associations in Southern Schleswig with about 12.000 members divided into 65 associations offering activities from badminton to model aircrafting. Affiliated are Dansk Spejderkorps Sydslesvig (the Danish organization for scouts in Southern Schleswig), FDF Sydslesvig (the voluntary christian associations of boys and girls in Southern Schleswig) and Menighedernes Børne- og Ungdomsarbejde (the youth work of the parishes). The associations have between 10 and 1.000 members.

SdU is responsible for 11 children and youth centers all over Southern Schleswig, the seminar centre Christianslyst, the Aktivitetshuset (a project- and culture-house) in Flensburg, two sports halls, several sports facilities and much more.